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Language school teacher's English

In the language school, not only students from various countries are studying, but also the school teacher speaks beautiful English, so you can learn from the basics and listen to the English of people from various countries. Because language schools need to listen to English explanation, listening skills are acquired naturally by listening intensively. It is hard to understand when you do not get used to it, but it will grow as you do listening. Teacher 's English is slow and beautiful so it is very easy to hear and it is perfect for beginners learning. When speaking in real native conversation, speaking speed and language are different, at first it is good to learn English of practice after you learned beautiful English after you learned beautiful English.

Active questions to the teacher

If you are going to a language school, it is a shortcut to making progress by using the language you want to learn by positively talking to your teacher. Many Japanese people are shy people as nationalities, many people think that it is embarrassing if they do not speak perfectly, but because they are going to school to learn it is impossible. I gradually become wrong, I learn it by my body. Also, let 's talk with the students studying at language school in a language you are also studying. It is a chance to know what I did not notice before and my current level. By actively using words, you can make your own language.