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Choose a teacher

How to choose a teacher

School where Japanese is prohibited

Let's attend a language school if you want to learn English seriously. At that time, please try to select classrooms appropriate to you by receiving trial lessons of various schools. Especially, it is very important which teacher to learn from. As a way of choosing you can speak a certain amount of English, but if you say that you want to learn English that is well-accepted even for native people, you will improve better if you choose a teacher who can only speak English than a teacher who can speak Japanese . Also, if you can select a teacher from multiple native speakers, you should change each time. We can expect further improvement by listening to various people's pronunciation. Let's make good use of language schools like this.

Let's improve your language skills

For those who want to learn not only Japanese but also foreign languages, the language school is a very nice facility. There are schools where you can learn many foreign languages and you can take lessons tailored to your language skills. Therefore, you can study at your own pace. From grammar to conversation power you can firmly support, so you can learn firmly from the foundation. And because there are opportunities for practicing abroad etc., you can also grasp how much you can learn at language schools. For those who want to learn languages besides Japanese, it is a good opportunity to go through.